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Alternatives to Counseling in a Traditional Setting 2 Responses

 With peers, reflect on which populations would be best served by counseling in a non-traditional environment and which would be hesitant to engage in such.  1. Traditionally, counseling was confined to formal settings like offices, hospitals, or schools. However, in the last 30 years, there has been a growing recognition of the effectiveness of evidence-based […]

Assessing Physical Abuse Case Study 2 Responses

 In response to your peers, provide thoughtful feedback on responses to the questions about the Sloan family. Draw connections to similar thoughts and plans you may have identified and discuss differences in your responses and perspectives.  1.  Domestic violence, neglect, and child abuse can be caused by a variety of factors, including socioeconomic considerations, cultural […]

Nursing Discussions and responses assignment

Please see attachment Discussion: The Internet: Privacy and Safety Concerns Respond to the following questions with at least 2 paragraphs · Provide at least two examples of how institutions protect Internet-based patient information and promote patient privacy. · What specifically can nurses do to protect patient privacy when using the Internet? Reply to the Two […]

DB: Influences of Social Work, Psychology, and Psychiatry 2 RESPONSES

1.  I believe social work, psychology and psychiatry each bring it’s own unique value. It is not fair to choose which is the best or most impactful because each one would be whatever applies the most appropriately to the patient(s). Social work is like providing advocacy. Sociology is looking at everything as a whole. Social […]


Respond to two of your colleagues by either supporting or respectfully challenging their explanation on whether there is an evidence base to support the proposed health policy they described. See peer responses attached

Unit 1.3 DB: Different Types of Counselors 2 RESPONSES

1.  Out of the many different avenues to choose from the two that I resonate with would be an Addiction Counselor and A Human Services Professional. An Addiction Counselor because it is something I would like to get into considering I am a recovering addict myself and suffer with addiction as well. I feel like […]

Unit 1.2 DB: Characteristics of a Counselor 2 RESPONSES

1  In my opinion I feel three main characteristics an effective counselor should have is Acceptance, Genuineness, Cultural Competence. Because these are all able to cater to a wide variety of people given that counselors are working with people that sometimes are very different to them in every aspect of life. weather is be race, […]