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You will Also need Eclipse Workspace Chapter 3 Project Project Name: Chpt3_Project Class Name: Chpt3_Project

You will Also need Eclipse Workspace

Chapter 3 Project

Project Name: Chpt3_Project

Class Name: Chpt3_Project

Write a Java program that generates a random number between 50 and 150 that represents the temperature in Celsius of a pot of boiling water on a stove, and determine if the water is hot enough to cook the following vegetable:

Beans: cook at 100 degrees Celsius

Inputs: The program must prompt the user for the temperature that beans cook at.

Enter the temperature in Celsius that beans cook at:

Output: The program should tell the user if the water is hot enough to cook the beans.

The water temperature is <temp> Celsius and is <hot or not hot> enough to cook beans.

Example of a program run: Run the program three times and take a screen snipit after each run.

Step 1. Create an algorithm (either flowchart or pseudocode) that you will use to write the program. Place the algorithm in a Word document.

Step 2. Code the program in Eclipse and test the program to verify it works correctly. Be sure to run the program three times.

Step 3. Use the Snip It tool in Windows or a similar tool on the Mac to cut and paste the Eclipse Console output window into the same Word document as the algorithm in Step 1.

Note: the water temperature you show will be different than below because it is a random number.

Note: be sure to checkout the Chapter  3 videos and tutorial on how to generate random numbers in a specific range.

When you finish the assignment you will need to 
submit two files to for grading:


1. Word document with your algorithm pseudocode, flowchart, or use case for the program, along with a screen shot of the program running on your computer. (10 points)

2. The source code file you created containing the java class for the program.  This file is located in the folder where you stored your program and it has the file extension name of “java”. (10 points)


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Professional Reflection: Now, reflect on your professional development and aspirations. To begin, find a job description for a job you would like to obtain in three to five years. If you need assistance finding a career search engine, you could refer to the  SNHU Career website. Once you have identified a job you would like to pursue in the future, reflect on your personal and professional abilities in relation to the specific job description, highlighting both where you meet the job requirements as well as areas for improvement. In your reflection, be sure to address the following: A. Briefly describe the specific job you would like to pursue in the future, and explain your general interest in the position. B. Describe the role you usually take on a team and how this behavior relates to this specific job description. C. 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Create a professional development SMART goal that supports your growth as an effective team contributor. Be sure to explain how this goal will support positive team dynamics and productivity. As you develop your goal, consider the areas you identified in your reflection as opportunities for growth. C. Explain how your personal and professional goals complement each other and align with the job description tasks and qualifications. 4. Development Opportunities: Now that you have created your personal and professional goals, it is important to determine specific development opportunities to help you achieve these goals. Be sure to determine both the immediate and long-term development opportunities you will pursue to support the attainment of your personal and professional goals. What to Submit To complete this project, you must submit the following: Personal and Professional Development Plan Develop personal and professional development goals based on a reflection of your values, skills, knowledge, and aspirations. Your plan must be 750 to 1,250 words in length and must cite any references using APA format. Supporting Materials The following resource may help support your work on the project: Website:  SNHU Career You can use this website to search for jobs and job descriptions you might want to have in the future.