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Modern America

Your task for each week’s discussion is to read all required resources. You must then respond to ONE of the questions. This is called your INITIAL POST. Click the blue Start a New Thread button to post your response. Your Initial Post is due by the fourth day of the academic week at 11:59 pm ET. Your Initial Post is worth 30 points and should be 250 words in length, which is equal to about 1 page of double-spaced writing in Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman 12 point font in a Word document.

Week 3 Questions?

1. Examine and discuss Cold War policy under the Truman and Eisenhower administrations. How did these administrations seek to combat the spread of communism abroad? What were the implications and did these policies successfully “contain” communism?


Make sure to reference two of these sources!

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Modern America

You must then read your classmates’ responses. After you have read their responses, you must respond to TWO of your classmates by the last day of the academic week at 11:59 pm ET. These are called your PEER RESPONSES. Each Peer Response is worth 10 points and should be 100

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