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Instruction 1

Presentations should have a minimum of 
14 slides that include the following information using the titles and the order specified below. Please note that this project should be focused on the REGIONS you chose and not the state or country your regions are in.

Title slide – 1 slide

· Include the name of the U.S. region you have chosen and the name of the international region you are comparing it to. 

Introduction to the Region – 4 slides minimum 
(2 for US region / 2 for international region)

· List the styles of beer produced in both of your regions.

· Explain the beer labeling laws of the region. Please note that labeling laws may be set at the regional or national level.

Geography – 2 slides minimum 
(1 for US region / 1 for international region)

· Include a map showing the geographical locations of your selected country’s beer-producing region and your selected U.S. beer-producing region. You can use Google Maps or a similar tool to chart their geographical locations.

Environment – 6 slides minimum 
(3 slides for US region / 3 slides for international region)

· Describe the physical environments in the selected beer-producing regions, and indicate how the environment has impacted the growth of beer and its production and consumption. 

· What about the regions’ weather or growing practices has affected the way people in this region drink beer? 

· Are there environmental concerns over the production of beer?

BIBLIOGRAPHY SLIDE (APA style) – 1 slide minimum



Deschutes County, USA

Pinheiros District, Brazil.

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