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50 points Name: _______________________________ ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY RUBRIC Objective: A

50 points Name: _______________________________ ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY RUBRIC Objective: A preliminary annotative bibliography containing a variety of sources must be completed prior to the first rough draft in order to check your progress. Your preliminary annotative bibliography must contain five sources, two of which could be from scholarly journals. The bibliography must also follow proper MLA […]

Assignment #2-Poetry Analysis   Rough Draft Due:  

Assignment #2-Poetry Analysis   Rough Draft Due:   Final Draft Due:   No Plagiarism. No AI detection. WORDS: 750 FORMAT: MLA Description of Assignment: A literary analysis essay pulls apart a piece of writing to examine its technique and understand its themes and ideas. For this assignment, you will choose one selection of two poems […]

Electronic Navigation

GPS Project – Data and Functions/ECEF2ENU.m function enu = ECEF2ENU(ece,orgece,orgllh) %ENU = ECEF2ENU(ECEF,orgECEF,orgLLH) % % EC2ENU: Convert ECEF coordinates to East-North-Up with % respect to orgECEF and orgLLH (orgECEF is the same % location as orgLLH, orgLLH in radians). % % VARIABLES: % % OU-ECE-AEC Oct. 1988 FvG % WJP2011: Vectorized. Now accepts ece as […]

project management

total 3 assignment I need it all details are in file please read it and give your response  Assignments: Descriptions, Expectations, and Grading Criteria Assignment A: Leadership 1) Identify a leader who you admire and why you admire them 2) Identify 2 techniques they used to be known as a great leader that you can […]

3D printing in medicine

TOPIC: 3D PRINTING IN MEDICINE Consider the historical and ethical contexts of your Course Project topic. This will provide a factual foundation to help guide your analysis in the coming week. For this assignment, complete the following. · Definition: Explain your selected technology. What is it? How does it work? What is its purpose? · […]

Need help with construction safety work

Please see the attached doc  POINTS (20 points max) 5 4-3 2-1 Quality Postings and replies were excellent in their discussion of required readings, demonstrating mastery of the course material, and contained new or original thought. Scientific theory was consistently incorporated in order to support opinion statements. Content fostered class discussion through the incorporation of […]

Engineering – Electronic Engineering Review Assignment Hydraulic Devices

  Clearly present: The given data The unknowns The formulas needed, and Sketches, where applicable Use consistent units (Do not switch or convert between USCS and SI) Round off final answers to proper degree of precision or accuracy (Use 3 decimal points or 3 significant digits for all your calculations and answers) Underline your final […]

Plumbing Parts

What are some commonly used plumbing parts and what are their functions?