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Complete a synthesis matrix for the three articles you’ve read. This includes: Three Articles: Amanda Morris, New York Times Review: “Representation or Stereotype? Deaf Viewers are torn over ‘CODA.'”

Complete a synthesis matrix for the three articles you’ve read. This includes:

Three Articles: 

  • Amanda Morris, New York Times Review: “Representation or Stereotype? Deaf Viewers are torn over ‘CODA.'”


  • Ann Hornaday, Washington Post Review: “The movie ‘CODA’ reminds us that cliches sometimes work–and brilliantly.”


  • Richard Brody, New York Post Review: “‘CODA’ is a Feel-Bad, Feel-Good Movie.”


  • Identify at least three (3) main ideas or topics covered by the reviews (e.g., plot, actors, bias, etc.)
  • Take notes on what the critics write about these main ideas (e.g., “Critic 1 praises the plot as interesting…” and “Critic 2 finds the plot too contrived…”)
  • Jotting down quotes that support your observations (e.g., “Critic 3 writes, ‘The story has movie-goers at the edge of their seats the whole three hours…”)

 Identify at least two key issues or questions that are particularly problematic or controversial or striking or worthy of exploring.   These would be issues/questions that can be supported by at least two of the articles.  They may be points on which the critics agree or disagree, issues that weren’t adequately addressed, or ideas that are explored in the reviews (e.g., “What did the critics think about the actors’ performances?” or “Discussion of bias in the movie’s portrayal of deaf culture”).  Ask yourself, what ideas/issues that are shared among the articles might be interesting to pursue further? Using specific quotations and transitional phrases, discuss how the reviewers’ opinions are similar, or different.

 Explain how these issues are played out in the reviews (1-2 sentences).  What are the critics’ positions on these issues?  What was stated/not stated? What other questions does this issue introduce? (For example, for “Why didn’t the critics recognize the cinematography?” you might write about how one critic barely mentioned the cinematography, while another stated how it was overrated, focusing more on the acting.) In a paragraph, discuss how reviewers approached topics and themes in the films. You can use specific quotes and cite the reviews in text using APA guidelines. 

your two issues/questions, and your 1-2 sentence analysis.

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