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American Georgian

IDES 312-Chapter 22 – AMERICAN GEORGIAN – the 1700s-1780s

Vocabulary terms

CLASSICAL MOTIFS: see examples in the reading

1. Pilasters

2. Pediments

3. Dentil moldings

4. Balustrades

5. Round arch with keystones

6. Quoins


7. Ear

8. Shell

9. Acanthus leaf

10. Rosette

11. Pineapple or Pinecone

FURNITURE MOTIFS: (Fig. 22-1, 22-12, 22-16, 22-17)

12. Classical – (columns and moldings)

13. Rococo – shells and flowers

14. Chinese – fretwork and bamboo


15. Using the elevation on the bottom of page 252, define the terms listed. You may use one photo with arrows or create a list/define/picture for each component.


16. Show examples of
colors used in public and private spaces.

17. Early flooring and floor cloths

18. Using figure 22-11 identify with a photo and definition of the elements of the space as listed.

19. Textiles: palamporees

20. Lighting: candlesticks, wall sconce, chandelier


21. Queen Anne

22. Chippendale

23. Thomas Chippendale

24. Japanning

25. Walnut wood

26. Mahogany wood

27. Maple wood

28. Cherry wood

29. Pine wood


30. Queen Anne chairs-identify each part of the chair, top to bottom Use the photo below for terms and look up definitions.

31. Chippendale-style chairs – define all parts.

32. Windsor chairs – define all parts

33. Easy chairs – wingback chair type.

34. QA &Chipp – Tea table

35. QA & Chipp – Piecrust table

36. QA & Chipp – sideboard

37. QA & Chipp – drop-leaf desk

38. Newport block-front chest of drawers

39. Shell carving

40. Bombé chests

41. QA & CHipp – highboy – use each term from the photo on page 259, fig. 22-17 to define.

42. QA -& Chipp – lowboy

43. QA Philadelphia dressing table

44. Poster beds – QA and Chippendale

45. QA & Chipp – Canopy

46. QA & Chipp – Tester cornice

47. Pewter


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