Summarize Descartes’ argument in the Second Meditation

Develop one argument in favor and one against Descartes’s “I think therefore I am” • Summarize Descartes’ argument in the Second Meditation • Provide an argument in favor of it • Provide an argument against it • Assess both Relate a movie of your choice to one of the theories studied • Briefly summarize the theory you want to analyze • Briefly summarize the plot of the movie (it is advisable to only focus on a small portion of it) • Relate the movie and the theory paying attention to how the movie exemplifies the theory chosen What are some of risks associated with Goldie’s notion of narrative thinking? Provide at least one example. • Explain Goldie’s theory of narrative thinking • Articulate some of the risks associated with narrative identity • Develop an original example Do not use quotes from the readings unless absolutely necessary 900 words max Make sure you touch upon all the points listed “all she wants is for you to develop an argument and don’t give any background info on the readings” -My professor

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