Women’s reproductive rights

Description Women’s reproductive rights are specifically the right of unrestricted access to birth control, abortion and family planning. Unfortunately throughout the 20th century low- income American women of all races, religions and ethnicities who were deemed as a burden to society were challenged with the very real practice of eugenics – the controlled breeding of a desired population and the elimination of the undesirable. As a result, thousands of women; particularly African American and Hispanics were subjected to government funded sterilizations. At its peak in the early 20th century; 32 states were practicing some form of eugenics which was tied into federally funded welfare programs; with California and Mississippi leading in numbers. Please address the following: Give a brief (no more then a page) historical content of the beginnings of eugenics in the U.S. (you may want to keep in mind the evolution of birth control). Identity at least three state or federal court cases that addressed eugenics or sterilizations. Briefly discuss the court’s opinion and dissent and the precedent it set. In 2019, where are we now with eugenics? Has the message simply been repackaged and redelivered or has society done away with these “programs”?  You can choose to narrow the scope of your research to a specific state, race or ethnicity or kept it broad; inclusive of the entire gender in America.


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