Digital dashboard used for Business Intelligence.

Provide a link to a digital dashboard used for Business Intelligence.

Provide details on how the digital dashboard is used and your impression of the effectiveness of the dashboard. Dashboards, which display data using graphics, have become commonplace. They are used for many applications, such as showing voter turnout in different states during national elections. The first informational dashboards were used in early automobiles and featured gauges to indicate speed and mileage. Current automobile dashboards have become digital and can tell us much more about car performance than just miles per hour and distance traveled. The dashboard concept is now used to render large amounts of data into a form that can be easily interpreted. Often, dashboards are interactive to allow the user to change some of the data inputs and displays. The Web now abounds in dashboards. The news media (CNN, MSNBC, etc.) are big on them. The following dashboard was powered by live election results in the 2016 presidential election: Describe another website (not about elections) that provides an example of a dashboard that can be used in Business Intelligence or in other areas to inform the viewer. Describe the data in the dashboard and discuss how the information is provided in the dashboard.


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