Case study of a child with special needs

 For this assignment you will be expected to track and record the history of a child with special needs by interviewing the parents/guardians, other caregivers, and the child (when apropos). The case study must be based on a neighbor’s or friend’s child, not on someone in your own family. The description of the child’s developmental history must follow the child from birth through grades 1-6. The interviews should focus on the history, the child’s present level of academic achievement and functional performance, and the academic interventions (specially-designed instruction) utilized during the child’s life. During interviews, the student must take field notes that will help in the development of the case study. It is also expected that the child be observed in his/her home and/or school settings. In preparing for the written part of the case study, you should carefully review your transcript and field notes. Then, identify common themes or patterns that emerge based on the interviews and observations. In the paper, the student must discuss the characteristics and behaviors exhibited by this child, focusing upon social, emotional, behavioral, and academic strengths and concerns as gathered from direct observations and the information provided by parents, caregivers, and child. Describe the similarities and differences of this child’s growth and development in relation to the information provided in the course text. Crucially, the case study needs to include an analysis of the child grounded by at least two different theories of child development as presented or learned during the course. The case study requires a minimum of two research articles connecting the chosen theories of child development in relation to the child. An annotated reference list should include these two research articles. Field notes (typed, rather than raw notes) should be included as an appendix. The student’s confidentiality is essential. A pseudonym must be used in place of the child’s first and last names. This case study assignment will be a minimum of seven pages. This assignment will be rubric scored based on the elements identified above.


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