Kindly respond to this discussion post. 250 words, APA format

Kindly respond to this discussion post.

250 words, APA format and 2 references

I have experience in being shared data and trying to interpret it for meaning. I’m certain there is a numerical value in the presentation but I do not always see “myself” in the numbers. Moreover, I do not see the role I play in creating or in influencing the numbers and thus the end result that I could play a part in. With only numbers, there is left a level of interpretation that must be verbalized or further communicated. Numbers: good. Numbers and pictures or graphs: even better. Numbers, graphs, and a story of trajectory, for me: perfect.

Research is a method to gather knowledge about a subject (usually starting with a question to improve a situation) and assess it through the information that is gathered. A hierarchy of data exists that should be considered when using the information as grounds for change.

Speaking of grounds for change. while research develops new knowledge or unearths the current knowledge base, an evidenced-based practice will take that knowledge and apply it to current practices using the opinion and technologies, and situations at hand. It is a translation of all we know into methods to transform practices.

Quality improvement is identifying a problem and taking a series of steps that can be measured to improve the practice for positive outcomes.

Kreindler et al (2022) indicate that through their research the sharing of information (decreasing silos in health care) increased the sense of shared responsibility. “Nevertheless, many participants (45%) reported that intergroup relationships had been improving over the years. For example, they noted that hospital staff was increasingly viewing patient flow as a shared responsibility, rather than “the emergency department’s problem”. This is a review and sharing of all the relevant data on a hospital problem. A telling of how the initiating of techniques, created a hospital landscape. This is a retelling of quality improvement techniques through research and data gathering. We all work in a culture and landscape. How we contribute to create that landscape often springs from research, data, and the retelling and interpretation, and translation of that story of numbers.

Kreindler, S. A., Hastings, S., etal., Managing intergroup silos to improve patient flow. Health Care Management Review. 4/6 2022 – Volume 47 – Issue 2 – p 125-132


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