Assignment Content Using your approved strategic plan from the Wk


Assignment Content

  1. Using your approved strategic plan from the Wk 2 – Strategic Plan Research assignment, complete the following:

    Create a 5- to 7- slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, with speaker notes and visuals on each slide, that will sell your identified improvements to the strategic plan, based on your Wk 4 analysis.

    Include the following:

    • Summarize the threats and challenges you have identified within the current strategic plan.
    • Determine how to execute the strategic initiatives in order to address the threats and challenges.
    • Explain proposed process improvements.
    • Assess whether additional resources are needed.
    • Describe how resources should be used in the application of the strategic plan.
    • Utilize KPIs to justify the financial investment and to measure the success of the proposed improvements to the strategic plan.
    • Justify your recommendations based on anticipated Return on Investment (ROI).

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