In this course, you will plan and prepare a complete Unit Plan. You will accomplish this in two 

separate assignments. In this first assignment, the Unit Plan: Classroom, Goals, and Reading 

Assignment, you will write a description of a mock or fictitious classroom. You will describe 

your mock classroom’s grade level or content area, the school’s demographics, and the students 

within the classroom and their variety of needs. You will also develop curriculum objectives and 

a reading assignment for this portion of the Unit Plan.


Using the provided Unit Plan: Classroom, Goals, and Reading Template:

1. Complete the Class Summary portion of the template by providing the information in 

narrative form. Be thorough and professional in your composition. Follow the current APA 

style guidelines in your format. 


The summary must include:

 Grade level and subject area

 Type of school (urban, rural, private, public, etc.)

 Number of students and student population

o Male/Female ratio

o Cultural diversity

 Types of disabilities (physical, LD, ED, EMR, OHI, visual or auditory), setting 


 Collaboration with regular education teachers and any other professionals (team-

taught, resource, etc.)

 Textbook(s) that will be used (reference these at the end of your assignment)

 Any other pertinent information

2. Create a seating chart for your mock classroom.

The seating you create must be organized and visually appealing. You must use the 

formatting tool in Word:  Insert>Shapes (or any other icon in the Insert window to complete 

the chart).  No hand-drawn charts will be accepted.  The seating chart must include:

 A chart that depicts technology readily available in the classroom, where each student 

is sitting, your desk, and any other pertinent information that would affect the layout 

of the classroom.

 A brief explanation of how/why you placed students in this manner (1–2 paragraphs) 

at the conclusion of the chart.

3. Complete the Unit Plan Form. 

This must be your basic plan for a minimum of five lesson plans; these lesson plans will 

comprise your unit. 

EDSP 410 

Page 2 of 2

 Ensure your objectives are observable and measurable and that you include the 

name or specific topic of your unit. For instance:  Given a 20-word spelling test, the 

student will spell accurately at 90% by the end of the lesson.

 SOLs can be found at the Virginia Standards of Learning website via the link 

provided (see Resources section). 

 Include your basic plan for teacher instruction, guided practice, and independent 

practice. Include any materials or technology you will be using.

 Include an appropriate evaluation or assessment for each lesson plan.

 Include a minimum of five (total) appropriate instructional accommodations for the 

disabilities included in your classroom. One of your accommodations will be the 

chapter you are rewriting in the next section of this assignment.

o For your instructional accommodations, consider the needs of all your 

learners in your classroom. Provide a brief explanation on how you will 

modify your instruction, activities, or assignments to meet the needs of each 

type of learner. Be specific, naming the disability and how you will 


4. Rewrite a page of the course textbook that you have chosen to use in your mock 


This chapter must be one that is used in your planned unit. Rewrite the chapter for a lower 

readability level. Include:

 For what approximate reading level the text is rewritten 

 Highlighted key terms in the text

 Larger font

 Added pictures if possible

 Any other accommodations that would be appropriate based on the types of 

disabilities present in your fictitious classroom.

 Citation and reference of the text you are rewriting

Submit all components of this assignment in one single document.

Note: The materials and information used in this unit are excellent items to incorporate into your 


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