2 pages. 12/2//2021. Part 1: Complete the following: ● Define

2 pages. 12/2//2021. Part 1: 

Complete the following:

● Define groupthink. ● Identify and explain the antecedent conditions of groupthink.● Review and describe common symptoms of groupthink.● Reflect on a time when you were in a group and you felt pressure to go along with the majority. What happened?

Part 2:
Analyze a historical event from the following list (or propose your own): Bay of Pigs, Spaceshuttle Challenger tragedy, escalation in Vietnam, or President Bush’s invasion of Iraq.

● Explain the events or behaviors that led to groupthink in this particular situation.● Provide at least two recommendations on how groupthink could have been avoided. Explain.


● Follow APA guidelines to format your response● Support factual information and assertions with credible and/or scholarly sources.● Use in-text citations and include a references page – APA format


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