Applied Research Project Part 3 ARP 3: Using the global

Applied Research Project Part 3

ARP 3: Using the global leadership topic from ARP 1 develop a mind-map with the literature that addresses the topics and identify subtopics. 

State and explain your research gap based on the literature, your submission should include the following:

An image of your mindmap.

A summary of, what knowledge is missing?

A summary of, what knowledge do you plan to focus on and why?

All assignments should be submitted in academic paper format, include citations, reference page, etc. This assignment should be approximately 3- to 5-pages in length and must include a cover page and reference page in APA format (not included in the page length requirement).


1) The topic  I chose for my ARP 1 is,   

Global interdependent organizational leadership. 

Basically talking about how organizations are spreading to multiple nations to survive, and also to get resources (human and material). The topic also address the global leadership of such multinational organization. 

2) Kindly include the references you use, I will do the front page.


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