Case Study: Lowe’s Companies Inc. The Industry – Porter’s Five

   Case Study: Lowe’s Companies Inc. 

  • The Industry – Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
    1. Bargaining power of suppliers
    2. Threat of new entrant
    3. Rivalry among existing competitors
    4. Bargaining power of competitors
    5. Threat of substitutes

  Problem Statement 

  • What is the  primary problem in the case? Secondary problems? What are the ramifications of these problems in   the long run? Short run? Include quantitative and qualitative      analysis in your response.
  • Strategic Plan
  • Based on the problem      identified, develop a 5-year strategic plan for the company. This plan should include:

1. Clear vision, mission statement and core values

2. SMART objectives to solve the problem

3. Corresponding strategies for the objectives identified

4. Implementation plan

5. Key Performance Indicators to monitor progress


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