Journal Details You will post a minimum of 250 words


Journal Details

You will post a minimum of 250 words in the textbox for this journal assignment in response to the bulleted item(s) below. The journal is a private communication that is shared only with your instructor for grading purposes. You can access the textbox on the assignments tab for the journal Dropbox.

Topic: The Consumer and Business Market

To increase revenue, many businesses, such as gift baskets, insurance, tax preparation, food, and entertainment businesses, have targeted consumer and business markets. However, the decision-making process is a bit different for each market. 


  • First, briefly describe the similarities and differences in the decision-making process between the business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) groups. 
  • Next, choose a business that predominantly targets the consumer market. Explain how they can reposition themselves to increase their sales to the business market using the business decision-making process. 

Access the Journal rubric in the Course Resources area.


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