Items to include in your description: History of the Tribe/Nation

 Items to include in your description:

  1. History of the Tribe/Nation before European contact, where did they live, estimates of their population numbers before European contact.
  2. Using census data, produce a statistical portrait of its median household income, years of schooling, proportion below poverty level, and employment status. Compare the data to the appropriate figures for either Whites or the entire American population. 
  3. What have been the major challenges they have faced?
  4. Future prospects for this group (economically, educationally, culturally, assimilation v. pluralism)

 List of major tribal groupings:

  1. Apache
  2. Blackfeet
  3. Cherokee
  4. Chippewa
  5. Choctaw
  6. Iroquois 
  7. Navajo
  8. Pueblo
  9. Sioux

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