two paragaphs response to this discussion Each peer response must

two paragaphs response to this discussion

  • Each peer response must be a minimum of two paragraphs containing a minimum of four sentences each.
  • You can compare and contrast your view with the view of your peer.
  • You can comment on the critical position your peer has taken.
  • You can discuss the example provided by adding additional connections.
  • You can include additional sources that provide additional credible information.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog was very comedic but had a bigger meaning behind the story, which I really enjoyed watching. I believe that the narrative is a tragedy. It is a tragedy because even though Dr. Horrible got into the evil league of evil, he lost the love of his life doing so. At the end of act three, it shows Dr. Horrible being excited about being in the evil league of evil and then shows Billy very sad for the last scene. This leads me to believe that the narrative is a tragedy, not a triumph. 

2.)      When considering Dr. Hammer vs. Dr. Horrible, I don’t believe either of them won. Dr. Hammer didn’t win because he hurt himself trying to use Dr. Horrible’s death ray and he lost Penny. Dr. Horrible won in the sense of getting into the evil league of evil but he had killed Penny in the process of achieving his goal. So, therefore, he didn’t win because he lost the love of his life.

3.)      I think Billy and Dr. Horrible are very different. Billy seems to be the alter ego of Dr. Horrible. According to “APA Dictionary of Psychology, an alter ego is “a second identity or aspect of a person that exists metaphorically as his or her substitute or representative, with different characteristics” (American Psychological Association para 1). Billy is Dr. Horrible’s second identity that falls in love with Penny and wants to do good for her. I think Billy would have been the predominant persona if Penny didn’t die, but because she is gone I think Dr. Horrible will remain the predominant persona now. Going back to who wins and who loses, when looking at Billy vs. Dr. Horrible, I think Billy lost because he was the identify that loved Penny. Dr. Horrible won because he was now a part of the evil league of evil which is what he always wanted. 

4.)      For Dr. Horrible, I believe that his behaviors do not reflect who he really is, rather who he wants to be. I think Billy is who Dr. Horrible really is but he doesn’t want to be the sweet and caring guy that Billy comes across as. For Dr. Hammer, I think his behaviors reflect how he wants others to see him, but not who he really is. When Dr. Hammer has interactions with Dr. Horrible, he is a terrible person. When Dr. Hammer has interactions with Penny, he is very sweet and makes Penny fall in love with him even though that isn’t who he really is. 

5.)      I believe it is what we do that makes a person good or evil. For instance, Dr. Horrible is evil because he went to try and kill Dr. Hammer which is an evil act. He ends up killing Penny instead and joins the evil league of evil. If Dr. Horrible wasn’t evil, he wouldn’t have joined the evil league of evil after killing the love of his life; he would be mourning her and do whatever it takes to do good in honor of her. Dr. Hammer is also evil because he tried to kill Dr. Horrible and was evil towards Billy when they met at the laundromat. Penny is good because she cared for the homeless and took action to make the world a better place. 

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