1. Why is the job search process a cycle rather

1. Why is the job search process a cycle rather than a series of steps? 1

2. Why is it important to set up a system

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to organize, manage, and track your job search? What tools will you use? How will you get started? 2

3. How will your Career Management Files Tracker help you organize your job search? Why should you keep your tracker up to date throughout your career? 3

4. How is a Career Portfolio different from

a Career Management Files Tracker? What items should you put in your Career Portfolio? 3

5. How can projecting enthusiasm and a posi- tive attitude help in your job search? 4

6. What effects do positive and negative thoughts, images, and self-talk have on performance? 4

7. Would you rate your assertiveness skills as excellent, good, or needing improvement? If you need to improve, what specific actions can you take to strengthen these skills? 4


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