Read the article write a 2 page paper double

Read the article write a 2 page paper double spaced. Also include a citation page. 3 Pages total with citation page

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Intro: provide a hook or lead-in sentences to get your readers interested in your topic (options: a brief discussion of strong and weak, rhetorical questions, striking quotations, personal anecdotes etc.). You should then concisely summarize the point of your chosen material article/video. Be sure to include the following: the title and author of the article/speech you are analyzing, the argument/claim about the article/speech expressed in specific terms with focal persuasive reasons (think in terms of rhetoric appeals). 

Body Paragraph:  The rest of the body paragraph seeks to support or explain the topic sentence. At this point, you may use direct quotations from the reading/speech in order to support your analysis. 

Conclusion:  A successful conclusion may return to the argument or thesis of the essay in order to remind the reader of the objective of the essay; it may also provide a broader perspective on the issue.  

Need within 4 hours 


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