Answer the following questions related to the IRIS module: Explain

Answer the following questions related to the IRIS module:

  1. Explain how behavior expectations are different from classroom rules
  2. As a classroom teacher, you are responsible for developing rules that reflect the school’s behavior expectations. Create two classroom rules for each of the following behavior expectations (remember the guidelines for developing rules):
    • Care about others and self
    • Act responsibly
    • Stay positive

3.Describe three ways you can intentionally and systematically teach classroom rules

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4. You are an early childhood teacher of fifteen 4-5 year olds. The children are having trouble following the rule “listening when others are talking”. Describe a classroom reinforcement system that you could implement. Be sure to include:

  • Description of your reinforcement system
  • What does it look like visually (remember visual cues)
  • How would you involve the children
  • How would you acknowledge the children
  • 5.Describe why it is important to communicate the classroom rules with the families.

Attach is the link to answer the question: 

Early Childhood Behavior Management: Developing and Teaching Rules


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