Unit: Multimedia Design for Adult Learners 3–4 strong paragraphs 2

 Unit:  Multimedia Design for Adult Learners 

  3–4 strong paragraphs 

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You will be developing a special course for firefighters, having to  do with safety considerations in fighting fires in the industrial plants  that operate in your area. Some of these plants use toxic chemicals,  and others use high-pressure lines and storage tanks in their processes.  

  • Should you use OSHA guidelines in developing this training course? Why or why not?  
  • Is there any other special analysis that you will want to do before designing the course?  
  • What methods do you think will work best in training for such potentially hazardous operating conditions?  
  • How will you apply andragogy and its design principles in the course?  
  • How will you apply Gardner’s kinesthetic intelligence theory to  such design, and how will you apply the psychomotor taxonomy to  objectives for such a design?  
  • What potential issues or obstacles do you see with this design project?

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