This section introduces the concept of family values, beliefs and


This section introduces the concept of family values, beliefs and behaviors regarding health and wellness.  Please answer questions 2-6 asked below.  You are asked to weave this into your final piece (second draft of 500 word personal health essay that is due next week).

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1.  Write an Introduction paragraph, i.e., describe in a few sentences what you will be writing about in this paper.

2.  What are your family of origin beliefs and parental behaviors regarding health and wellness?

3.  What are your present adult beliefs and behavior regarding health and wellness?

4.  If you are a parent what you have been teaching your own children regarding health and wellness?

5.  If you are not a parent do you have a role in modeling health to younger family members or friend’s children or a special community role?

6.  What does health and wellness look like to you as you look into your own future of living and aging?

7.  Write your conclusion, i.e., describe in a few a few sentences some ending thoughts. 



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