Reflection Paper – 2 pages Please use at least two


Reflection Paper – 2 pages
Please use at least two plays and two characters that we have explored this semester in class to write a 2-page paper that expresses “What most altered your understanding of Black Theatre?”.
I can use any of the plays we studied this semester so honestly, it’s up to you which ones you would like to do! I will attach them below but they are as follows…

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TROUBLE IN MIND by Alice Childress
PIANO LESSON by August Wilson
ZOOMAN AND THE SIGN by Charles Fuller
SWEAT by Lynn Nottage
FLYIN WEST by Pearl Cleage
PIPELINE by Dominique Morisseau

Apparently Flyin west is too big of a file for me to upload but if you want to, you can find a copy online! Thank you so much!!


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