Please respond to the following discussion using evidence from the


Please respond to the following discussion using evidence from the literature and providing meaningful and relevant examples:

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  1. Identify the theoretical approach that closely aligns to your counseling leadership style for group work. 

         a. After you identify the theory

         b. describe the theory’s basic premise

         c. counseling techniques 

         d. role of the group leader

         e. desired outcome

         f. your personal viewpoint in the applicability of the theory for group work.

2. How your theoretical approach is applied in a school counseling setting? Provide examples and be specific as to what type of groups this theory fits best.

3. How you will work with diverse students and families within the framework of your personal theoretical orientation. 

Please use evidence from the literature to support assertions, to add creditability to what you are asserting, to make connections, construct meaning, etc. Therefore, in-text citations are expected!!! References must be included!!! Scholarly well-written posts are the expectation of APA format style writing!!! 


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