150 words minimum (WEEK6) After watching this video, address

150 words minimum                                                                                 (WEEK6)

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 After watching this video, address the first question based on your thoughts supported by research. Include with your post the research references in APA style format. (WEEK6)

 Question #1: How much, and in what way, do you think the power of the mind can influence a person’s health?                                  (WEEK7)

 150 words minimum 

 Question #1: Would this be a prudent choice? If available, should procedures like this be performed? In addition to this extreme example, there are many products that we use and things that we commonly do in order to alter our perception of our environment. Can you think of any examples of this? (references in APA style format) (WEEK 7)                   ( WEEK8)

 150 words minimum 

Question #1: Should we be concerned about the endocrine disruptor chemicals (EDCs) exposure we have in our lives?      (references in APA style format)


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