• Data screening is fundamental prior to any analysis. •

 • Data screening is fundamental prior to any analysis. 

 • This is the second time you will do data screening.

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 • The data are retrieved from the course-provided SPSS file based upon the instruments and variables you identified in Module 2. (GENDER INEQUALITY)The type of data screening conducted with a variable is dependent upon the variable’s level of measure.

• The basics of data screening is outlined in your Warner text (refer to Chapter 4, p. 125-182 and Chapter 6, p. 224; also refer back to previous Week 2 assignment handout)


• Turn in your data screening output for analysis of group differences.

 Note: You only have to turn in output for data screening of the variables you use in your analysis. No writeup is required

Output should include:

 •Variable Selections (choose 2)




Note: There are a number of demographics that you can explore differences between (e.g., gender) in the dataset. 


Watch: Installing The Hayes Process Macro 

DUE JUNE 5, 2021



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