Analysis of Approaches: Final Assignment Instructions Overview In this assignment,


Analysis of Approaches: Final Assignment Instructions

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In this assignment, you will any choose 2 of the 4 multicultural approaches, as stated by JA Banks (1990), to compare and contrast. Each approach should be linked to current theory and relevant examples of experience and educational practice. A clear understanding of each of the principles discussed must be present, as well as a connection to the educational system today. Additionally, a thorough Christian worldview must also be integrated into the assignment. 


The assignment must adhere to the following requirements: 

· Length of assignment; Minimum of 1 page required. 

o Title page, abstract, and reference page are excluded from the page length requirement.

· APA 7th edition format required

· Number of citations 4 to 5 sources are required, including a minimum of 3 different Scriptures.

· Acceptable sources (scholarly articles published within the last five years, with the exclusion of the Banks article, which should be cited) 

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