An Insurance firm is implementing a Microsoft® SQL Server® database


An Insurance firm is implementing a Microsoft® SQL Server® database that will track customer information, policy information, and transaction histories. The biggest concern is providing access to the information each team needs. Sales representatives need to access customer information to better serve their clients. Claims representatives must access policy information to determine coverage. Supervisors would like to access transaction histories to monitor employee performance. Compliance officers often must gather different and varied information for various regulatory agencies. Mertel executives want to monitor key metrics stored in the database to gauge company performance. 

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  • Based on tyour experience, and your research, respond to the following in a minimum of  200 words: (1) Describe what methods you would recommend that the insurance company will use to retrieve information from its databases and why do you recommend those methods?; (2) Discuss whether you would use a custom application or a more generic tool like SAP® BusinessObjects™ or Microsoft Excel; (3) Discuss if a team of analysts would be in charge of running reports and distributing the information; and (4) Discuss if the same approach work for all the users? Defend your recommendation. 

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