Using a minimum of 4 recent scholarly peered reviewed article

  Using a minimum of 4 recent scholarly peered reviewed article less than 5yrs old for DQ 1 and 3 scholarly peer-reviewed article for DQ 2 must be cited using APA format 750 words for each topic DQ 1 and DQ2   It should be written separately Note: Please see reading references below:    

Week 4 DQ 1

Provide examples of Mala in Se crimes. Why would this crime be considered inherently wrong? Describe how Mala in Se and Mala Prohibitum crimes are treated differently in the justice system.

Week 4 DQ2

What type of criminal offenders should be provided psychological treatment? Consider death row inmates, violent offenders, and people with life sentences.


Reading assignment for the week

1. Read Chapter 10 in Contemporary Criminal Law.

2. “Do Criminal Offenders Specialize in Crime Types?” by Simon from Applied and Preventive Psychology (1998).

3. “Crimes Mala in Se: An Equity-Based Definition” by Davis from Criminal Justice Policy Review (2006).

4. “Supreme Court’s Evolving Death Penalty Jurisprudence: Severe Mental Illness as the Next Frontier” by Winick from Boston College Law Review (2009).


5. “When Mental States Matter, When They Don’t, and What That Means for Morality,” by Young & Tsoi from Social & Personality Psychology Compass (2013).


6. “Explaining the Principle of Mala in Se” by Dige from Journal of Military Ethics (2012).


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