Overview For this Written Response Assessment, you will respond to


For this Written Response Assessment, you will respond to a series of prompts related to the strengths and weaknesses of crime data sources.

Submission Length: 3 prompts with responses ranging from 2-5 paragraphs in length

Professional Skills: Information Literacy and Quantitative Fluency are assessed in this Competency.

 To complete this Assessment: (Please see attachments) 

  • Download the Academic Writing Expectations Checklist to use as a guide when completing your Assessment. Responses that do not meet the expectations of scholarly writing will be returned without scoring. Properly formatted APA citations and references must be provided where appropriate. 
  • Download the Written Response Submission Form, which includes the Rubric for this Assessment. Review the writing prompts and the criteria for evaluation on the rubric.  
  • Access the Uniform Crime Report and National Crime Victimization Survey databases. Give yourself ample time to explore the data in order to identify meaningful trends.  
  • Complete the form adhering to the criteria presented in the Rubric. 
  • Adhere to the Writing Checklist.

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