Imagine you work for a correctional facility and have been

Imagine you work for a correctional facility and have been tasked with creating a handbook with detailed strategies for managing special issues involved with sex offenders in a jail, prison, or inpatient treatment setting.

Create a 1,400- to 1,750-word handbook, as an essay, which details strategies for dealing with 5 of the 11 issues listed below as they pertain to the management of sex offenders in your chosen setting:

  1. Preventing sexual assault
  2. Psychotherapeutic treatment options
  3. Placing victims in separate housing
  4. Safety concerns
  5. Furlough programs
  6. Screening and classification procedures
  7. Undiagnosed sex offenders
  8. Strategies for dealing with resistance to treatment
  9. Inmates who become sex offenders after being incarcerated
  10. Effect of incarceration on the offenders after their release
  11. Reintegrating sex offenders into the community

Include a minimum 3 sources.

Format the reference list and citations in your handbook are to be consistent with APA guidelines. Subheading between topics will be helpful

Submit your assignment.


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