GENOCIDE & TORTURE General Directions: The purpose of this assignment


General Directions

The purpose of this assignment is for you to demonstrate your familiarity with and knowledge of the required course material. Therefore, outside sources are not to be used for this assignment. In-text citations as needed, and a complete list of references used are required. 50 points

Please remember that key terms and concepts are defined in the “Human Rights Core Concepts” document in the Course Overview – Global Human Rights Foundations module.


Please respond to the question below with 3-4 well-developed paragraphs (300-400 words) written in your own words. Please use the Chicago or APA Manual of Style (available through the Library website) for all citations and other document formatting. The assignment will be evaluated using the associated rubric posted in our Canvas course. (50 points)

Discuss in a detailed manner the potentially problematic aspects of the definition of genocide and the definition of torture. The Convention against Genocide and the Convention against Torture along with the GHR chapters 4 and 7 should be explicitly included in your response. Fully explain your response.


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