Follow the guidelines below for creating your marketing plan. (100

Follow the guidelines below for creating your marketing plan. (100 possible points)
In essay form, it should include the sections below based on the books chapters and a conclusion (each section is considered a main heading):
Manage Your Perception
Describe the current perception of your organization/school/program. Give an overview of your program’s current Brand Equity.
What needs to be addressed? What strategies given in the book can be implemented to accentuate your strengths and minimize your weaknesses?

Writing Your (New) Story
You want people to not only root for your program but what it stands for.
Step 1 – Big Dig (Research)
Dig deeply into everything that has been written, felt, said, or thought about your organization, sport, or program.
Consider your audience – What do they see, hear, and feel?
Look in the mirror – Research the history of your program. Can you get to the essence of what it is about? What makes it special?
Players should reinforce your story rather than be the story.
Step 2 – Put Pen to Paper
Your brand story should be no more than one sentence long and should communicate in an understandable and concise manner on what makes your program special.
Based on what you learned in Chapter 3 of the book, describe some ways that you can build your program’s Activation Plan in order to increase brand awareness for your program.

Explain what you learned by engaging in the process of putting together a marketing plan. How will this help you as a coach and future athletic administrator?

Evaluation criteria:
Paper must include a title page and follow APA guidelines.
Two (2) references must be included at the end of this assignment.           


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