Public Health Course Assignment (2 parts)- Outline & Literature Review Paper-


Public Health Course

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Assignment (2 parts)– Outline & Literature Review Paper- YOUTH VAPING

1. Outline (must follow guidelines)

Draft an outline as a first step toward structuring your 12-13 page literature review. 

– Components of a literature review outline:

Outline Length: 2-3 pages 

2. Paper

Write a paper on the Aspects of Youth Vaping

– Components of a literature review:

Include the following topics:

– Generation Z (who they are, what do they believe, technology generation)

– Statistics (current)

– Public Health Campaign/Policy ( “the real cost” & “Get Your Head Out of the Cloud”

– Role of Advertisement (marketing approach, cost, types, etc.)

– An example of a significant vaping case (risk, addiction, health issues)

– Pros vs. Cons of vaping (why it’s good, and why it’s bad)

– Resources to Resolve the dilemma of vaping

– Possible Outcomes/Plan for Resolving vaping (parents’ involvement, healthcare providers, federal)

Paper Length: 12-13 pages, APA format, subheadings, intro, thesis, conclusion, and must use all provided sources from attachment (see attachment) and include an additional 5 scholarly sources of choice (total sources/references: 20)

*Also included 2 papers on youth vaping as examples. Also included an outline example.


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