Number sense is the building block foundation for all math

 Number sense is the building block foundation for all math comprehension. Using hands-on manipulatives and providing opportunities for students to discover math in learning centers are meaningful ways for students to practice number sense skills.

Part 1: Learning Centers

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Select a grade level K-3 and at least three mathematics standards that are currently being addressed in your field experience classroom. Design three learning centers that teach the standards you selected. At least one learning center must be technology-based.

For each learning center, write a 150-200 word handout for the volunteer who will be facilitating each center’s numerical operations activity. In each description, include the following:

  • Purpose and learning objective aligned to the state standard
  • List of materials to be used and the purpose of each (including technology resources)
  • Directions for how to run the activity
  • Directions for an assessment to be administered at the end of the activity

Part 2: Research-Based Rationale

Write a 250-500 word rationale explaining your thinking behind the design of your learning centers. Discuss how your centers do the following:

  • Encourage students to understand, analyze, and apply standards-based math content through technology.
  • Promote positive relationships and supportive interactions that are developmentally, culturally, and linguistically appropriate.
  • Include strategies to teach and reinforce math concepts to young children.
  • Adapt to meet the needs of individual students.

Support your rationale with 2-3 scholarly resources.


Managing Math Centers


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