QUESTIONS: 1. Why is the name Alan Hakman (Robin Williams character



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1. Why is the name Alan Hakman (Robin Williams character in Final Cut) a pun? (consider how the name relates to his job and the article)

2. What were the first two films to use editing technology for skillful, extended storytelling?

3. Who began to establish strict editing “rules” in 1915?

4. Sally Menke observed that cutting was “the _____ art”?

5. What is the film Breathless famous for?

6. What was the ultimate result of the French New Wave movement when it came to American films?

7. What made Alexander Sokurov’s film Russian Ark famous?

8. Despite the rise in digital video format and editing, which famous director still prefers the traditional way?

9. Who is the most dependent on good editing?

10. Who is saved by editors?


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