Make sure you have thoroughly read and reviewed the Chapter

Make sure you have thoroughly read and reviewed the Chapter 2 text and powerpoint.

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Part 1: Initial Post

Write one paragraph of 5-7 sentences on each of the three topics below. This is a total of three paragraphs. You should use this three paragraph format for all discussion boards. 

  1. Define (in your own words) the following terms: experimental group, control group, independent variable, and dependent variable.
  2. True random sampling can be difficult to obtain. Explain the following concepts: population, random sample, representative group, random assignment. Explore the idea of using the popular convenient sample of students enrolled in an Introduction to Psychology course. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of sample?
  3. Propose a simple approach to studying a psychological issue you are interested in. Make sure to include the independent variable, dependent variable, and sample.

Part 2:

1.Which two early fields led to the formation of the field of psychology? After identifying those two fields, describe the study of each field and give a real-world example of something that could be studied by each of the two.

2.Explain the two first theories of psychology (structuralism and functionalism). Be sure to include the focus of study and the methods of each theory. 

3.Explain the theory of behaviorism. How was behaviorism different from previous psychological theories? What were the behaviorists studying and how did they study it? Give a real-world example of something that could be understood using behaviorist theory. 


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