Assignment 1   Both Hurston and Faulkner are Southern writers who use

Assignment 1


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Both Hurston and Faulkner are Southern writers who use the local vernacular throughout their stories. Compare and contrast what you noticed about the language used in the stories. What affect did this have? Please point to specific examples from both stories and analyze. 

250 word minimum, include the word count. 

Assignment 2


Remember, free writes are informal writing that work as a means for us to get to know each other better. Give yourself three minutes, and answer the prompt below. Don’t worry about if you get off-topic. Just write!

How would you describe the way you speak? Do you have an accent? What are some special words that you use that are significant to you and your culture? For example, I’m from the South, so we say “ya’ll” a lot. How does the way we speak affect us in every day life? What does it say about us? What kind of false impressions might one perceive based on how we speak? Do you change the way you speak depending on who your audience is? In what ways? 


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