At least two original thinking problem clues will be published

 At least two original thinking problem clues will be published according to the specified reading materials, and at least four posts from other students will be answered. Two original posts must not be on the same topic (although they may come from the same chapter). Posts must be well thought out, well developed, and relevant to chapter reading that week. Simply saying “I agree” or “Wow, that’s interesting” is not a post. Your post must show your thoughts on the topics and issues we are discussing. It’s all right for your posts to reflect your real life experiences, but you must know how your shared experiences are related to classroom materials and textbook reading.


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In short, you need to write two original thinking problem clues and reply to four posts (please clearly divide the original thinking problem clues into two paragraphs, and the contents of the reply to four posts also need to be clearly divided into four paragraphs)


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