Established in early 2020, $700 billion business loan program was

Established in early 2020, $700 billion business loan program was created to aid businesses with overhead costs to remain operational. This program also helped self-employed workers, sole proprietors, and non-profits that have been impacted by the pandemic. This program allows individuals and organizations to apply for low-interest business loans to help them cover necessary expenses to survive. Eventually, these entities could apply for forgiveness from the small business administration and have the loans forgiven. Although this helped many enterprises stay afloat, it also allowed for individuals to take advantage of the program and have access to free capital without necessarily having the needs for it.

Currently, the SBA is trying to expedite the loan review process for Paycheck Protection Program loans, even though it pursues a record amount of fraud complaints. In essence, this pumps more money into the economy and increases the monetary supply. Although this is beneficial, there is a lot of risks involved especially with increased inflation that is endangering the value of the U.S. dollar.

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