The Board of an incumbent financial institution (a traditional bank)

The Board of an incumbent financial institution (a traditional bank) or an early-stage investment fund is challenged by the advent of fintech. The Chairman has asked the Board to present several strategic options and select the focus (“SWOT” or similar methodology).

As a freshly hired fintech analyst, your remit is to bring your (i) favourite fintech domain or alternatively (ii) market opportunity to the Board attention. You will make presentation to the Board.

Your case can be a fintech subsector (for example, digital identity or smart blockchain contracts), fintech business strategy (approach to global competition, access to venture financing, inclusiveness, or impact), in-depth market analysis (for example, a comparison of a group of similar start-ups or competing fintechs) or a particular technology component (for example, IoT payments, USSD mobile money, digital identity API, privacy coins).

You may decide to view (i) as an opportunity to substantially expand your Assignment #1 analysis into an in-depth review of a particular fintech domain. Alternatively, (ii) is an opportunity for independent research enabling you to pursue an alternative fintech topic that you feel passionate about.

The Board must decide on the strategy of pursuing this opportunity based on your 2,400 words essay. Several diagrams and tables should help in organizing data and communicating your message.


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