Each Question must be at least 100 words each (1) What

 Each Question must be at least 100 words each

(1) What do the authors write is an important difference between the past and the present concerns in conflict management?

(2) Name three of the four structural features of the international system that emerged after 1945 according to Cohen and Meerts?

(3) What is ‘strategic sufficiency’

(4) According to Kissinger, why did the Reykjavik Summit fail?

(5) Why did U.S. President Bush, Sr. approve the buildup of American forces in Saudi Arabia?

(6) After UN Resolution 678, why did many coalition members react in astonishment and dismay when U.S. President Bush invited Iraqi FM Aziz to Washington?

(7) In terms of socially influencing or persuading others to join a coalition, what might coalition builders do to seek to influence recruits? There are several answers. Name at least three. 


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