Business Plan Part IV Part V of the Business Plan Part V

Business Plan Part IV

Part V of the Business Plan

Part V of the business plan is due in week 8. The requirements for this week are:

1.  Completed Final Project (Combine all the parts together with all the corrections from previous feedback)

2.  Appendix (Tables, calculations, graphs, etc.)

3.  References

4.  Create a 10-15 minute PowerPoint Recorded presentation in which you describe in detail the key decisions you made in Project Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4, and the reasons for those decisions. Include any additional items of your choice to support the business plan

Please make corrections to the following parts.

Part 1: Make sure your goals are specific, realistic, and achievable. Also, the goals that can be measured. What Kinds of Objectives to Set a. Two very distinctive types of performance yardsticks are required: • Those relating to financial performance • Those relating to strategic performance b. A company’s set of financial and strategic objectives should include both near-term and longer-term performance targets. c. When trade-offs have to be made between achieving long-term objectives and achieving short-term objectives, long-term objectives should generally take precedence.

Part 2: Stakeholders are not necessarily responsible for training. Stakeholders of the company can be owners, employees, customers, suppliers, government etc. Make sure to identify key stakeholders and how they impact your business. More detail is needed on price and quality. What will your pricing strategy be in order to compete with the likes of Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts? How is this strategy going to help you gain competitive advantage? In terms of quality, what separates your coffee from the rest?

Part 3: This part needs more deeper analysis. Illustrate this with graphs to prove your arguments. Where are the tables and figures? What strategy will you use to accomplish all this? Is it differentiation strategy? Low cost strategy or some other strategy? Explain why you made the selection and how it will help your company succeed.

Part 4: provide a breakeven analysis to support your numbers. 


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