NO PLAGIARISM  300 words  1 reference min In your learning this week, you


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In your learning this week, you had the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the important role of groups and decision making. Group work is not always smooth-moving and can often lead to conflict resulting in the need for strategic decision making on management and team members.

Assume the role of the team leader who was recently told that there is consideration of the company closing the brick and mortar (physical) location as a means of cutting costs. This will result in a cut of 30% of the department staff and will eliminate a significant amount of overhead costs. Outsourcing and virtual employment will be used to continue running the organization. If your last name begins A-M, you will be for this move. If your last name begins M-Z, you will be against this move. Discuss the affect that this move will have on the organization overall.


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