Must be a narrative of 800 words /APA 7th edition

Must be a narrative of 800 words /APA 7th edition / 4 references are required must be within the last 5 years. The introduction and conclusion are clear and concise.

The first paragraph talks about the nursing shortage.

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The second paragraph talks about workplace violence.

 While workplace violence has many titles, it is often referred to as “the elephant in the room” as a topic that should not be occurring within a caring and person-oriented profession. For this essay please describe how bullying, or lateral violence occurs in the practice environment, are there risk factors, regulations in place to prevent it from providing quality patient care? This involves the direct and indirect impact of the different types of workplace violence. The key element to be addressed is the impact of workplace violence on the nursing shortage and/or nurse retentionDo nurse’s ‘eat their young’? At what point do nurses leave resulting in a nursing shortage?


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