OWN WORDS easy words / self work / OWN WORds


OWN WORDS easy words / self work / OWN WORds please…

1) Discuss what ethical leadership is and how it impacts the organizational culture.

2) What are the various dimensions of ethical leadership?

3) Note some failures in ethical leadership, please find an example, explain the failure and note possible solutions to fix the issue with leadership.

100 words (1-3 question) 

4)How do trustworthy and ethical leaders enhance knowledge sharing in organizations?  How does this impact the rate of information technology implementations?  How does this impact data management within organizations? 

5)How does servant leadership assist with transferring knowledge in an organization?

6)When thinking about data analytics, how does transformational leadership assist with building good data structures?

Be sure to use the UC Library for scholarly research. Google Scholar is also a great source for research.  Please be sure that journal articles are peer-reviewed and are published within the last five years.

The paper should meet the following requirements:

3-5 pages in length (not including title page or references)

APA guidelines must be followed. 

The organization of this paper must include: a title page; an introduction; headings for each section (for this paper those sections should be Knowledge Sharing, Servant Leadership, Transformational Leadership); a conclusion; and a reference page.

A minimum of five peer-reviewed journal articles.

The writing should be clear and concise.  Headings should be used to transition thoughts.  Don’t forget that the grade also includes the quality of writing.


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