Research a case that has already gone through the courts

 Research a case that has already gone through the courts and examine the history of the case. Give the background of the group and explain the structure of the group. What influences did this organized crime entity have on society? What was the investigation process? Was the United States Federal Government involved in the investigation or prosecution process of this case? If so, what federal agency was involved? Examine the court proceedings of the case. What were the results? What is the RICO Act of 1970 and was it used in the case you investigated? Explain the prosecution process. Examine the re-entry process that an organized crime parolee would go through. Discuss any other findings from your research.

To get you started, these famous cases involved the RICO Act: 1979 Hell’s Angels, Catholic Sex Abuse Cases, Key West Police Department, Michael Milken, Gambino Crime Family, The Latin Kings, Major League Baseball, and Prolife.

Write to purpose.


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